Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 306 {Reverb11} Discover

Prompt#17 ~ Discover.

What did you discover (big or small) in 2011?

I may not have discovered these in 2011, but these are things that I admired, enjoyed & my thoughts…

its doesn't have to hurt to love. you won't know without trying.  go for it.  live - truly live - this wild & crazy life of yours. wildflowers are beautiful. sunsets are amazing. an obsession with clouds.  sunrises are magnificent.  photography is addictive. beauty is everywhere if you look. its ok to let go. you will survive.  God is on my side.  just now is perfect.  love is the answer.  i am beautifully imperfect.  i don't need to fix me.  give love freely.  it's ok to make mistakes - just keep going.  don't give up.  let yourself shine.  try it.  take a chance.  ask great questions.  forget the past - its over.  every day is a new beginning.  hugs make it better.  even on a rainy day you can find beauty.  flowers make me happy.  autumn colors are amazing.  let go & let God. connecting with wonderful souls is inspiring.  my heart whispers softly.  my heart knows the way.  the best is yet to come.  i love me.  i am worthy.  appreciate it all.  i am blessed!

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