Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 289 {Gratitude} 30:30

This is my very first self portrait taken for Vivienne's Wading In workshop.  It has amazed me how big of a difference ONE thing can make in your life.  This workshop prompted me look at myself, literally & figuratively...referring to both the inside & the outside, more lovingly than I had ever before and change in ways I had not expected!  I feel like I began seeing myself as others saw me.  I became less critical and judging & more loving & kind to myself.  I also was introduced to some other amazing people that I had the priviledge to hear and share in their stories too.

The words on this photo were prompted from a poem/quote by Mother Teresa. I thought I would make my own "Life is" list.

Today, I give thanks for my life ~ my beautiful, imperfect, crazy & delicious life!

{Gratitude} Day 30 ~ Life

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