Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{...seeking beauty...} 20:108

"When you see beauty all around you, 
beauty will seek & find you, 
even in the most unexpected places."

~ Alberto Villoldo 

I went for a little walk today during lunch to seek out the beauty of nature.  I am always amazed at the beauty of the wild flowers that grow haphazardly in the fields.  Until I started taking photographs, I never took the time to really notice them.  Sure, I would see them as I drove down the road but never close up.  Now I see how intricately they are made.  How large flowers are made from a group of tiny little flowers.  How a thistle (which is the first photo) can have such a beautiful blossom.  I notice the dappled light shining over them and across the field.  I smell the wonderful fragrance that some of them emit which I would have never noticed if not stopping to take the time to really see.

This all leads me to the quote above.  I have found by taking these moments to notice little bits of beauty each and every day, how much more beauty continues to reveal itself to me.  I now crave these moments of wonder.  I go in search of it and give thanks for what it brings to my life.  

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