Monday, June 30, 2014

{...remember...} 18:108

I burned my arm the other day right next to my tattoo.   Since it hurt and I kept looking at it, it felt like a reminder to pay attention to my tattoo's were born with wings!  Little did I know I would need this reminder more than ever!  So, I took my photo for the day of my tattoo.

While taking this photo, my heart heart was heavy and sad, so when looking at the photo after it was amazing how the light was shining from it in the photo.  My heart feels broken tonight having to watch one of my sons grieve the death of a friend.  And oh the heart ache I feel for the parents of the young man.  I know this will be life changing for my son and it's his choice to decide what he learns from it.   I have reminded him to find something positive to take from it in honor of his friend...make him proud! 

We all have these points in life where we have a choice - which path or which thought are you going to choose?  The high road?  The positive thought?  Or continue to dwell in the sadness and grief and let it drag you down?  Definitely take your time to grieve - get angry if you need to - feel it!  But then, pull yourself up and ask yourself what you can learn from it.  Don't go through the pain for no reason.  You may ask why this is happening and you may never know that answer.  It's your choice where to go from here.  Take a deep breath and begin again.  Find the lesson and make your life better for it!

For me, there will be many prayers tonight.

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