Thursday, November 21, 2013

{the warrior} bloom true

the warrior {final}

This canvas was my first canvas I began in my workshop, Bloom True, with the amazing Flora Bowley.  I had three canvases going during the course, but this was the one that I started with first after each lesson.  I always felt like this canvas was practice for letting go and trying out the new techniques.  It went through many, many transformations.  I got to a point where I felt like I was forcing the painting to be something it wasn't and it felt over-worked, so I sat it aside for two weeks.

I decided I would give it another try and covered the whole canvas with new colors.  I continued to add marks, but still nothing came to me.  I, once again, was SO frustrated and covered 90% of the painting in black and dark red, but continued to hear Flora's words..."there are no mistakes".  Then, for some reason, I decided to wipe off the majority of the paint I just covered it in.  It was late and I was frustrated, so I stopped.  After a couple of days of looking at it and turning the canvas, I noticed a woman with a headdress.

I continued to wipe off paint, add a few more marks and very little extra color...and this is her!

I named her "The Warrior" as she fought to be seen as I fought to let go and have faith in the process.  I love how she is looking me - worshiping - maybe giving thanks.  To me, she represents courage and faith.  She is a testament to Flora's process!  As one of my fellow bloomers suggested...Whenever you're in doubt about life...look at her"! Yes!!  She now hangs in my bedroom so I see her every day.

In her honor, I share a Lakota Indian Prayer I had found awhile ago:

teach me how to trust 
my heart, 
my mind, 
my intuition, 
my inner knowing, 
the senses of my body, 
the blessing of my spirit.
teach me to trust these things 
so that I may enter my sacred space 
& love beyond my fear 
and thus walk in balance
 with the passing of each glorious sun. 

Below is a progression of this painting...

no1No. 1 {bloom true} first layerNo. 1 {bloom true} first layer{i am an artist} 5/365No. 1 {bloom true} second layerNo. 1 {bloom true} third layer
No. 1 {bloom true} fourth layerNo. 1 {bloom true} fifth layerNo. 1 {bloom true} sixth layerNo. 1 {bloom true} seventh layerNo. 1 {bloom true} seventh layerNo. 1 {bloom true}
No. 1 {bloom true} taking a breakNo. 1 {bloom true} starting againNo. 1 {bloom true}No. 1 {bloom true}No. 1 {bloom true}No. 1 {bloom true} a woman
No. 1 {bloom true}{bloom true} the warriorthe warrior {final}

The Warrior, a set on Flickr.

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  1. This is so beautiful, and thank you for sharing your process. There are no mistakes <3


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