Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Live Love 365 ~ Day 45

Today is, my first born, Chas' 20th birthday.  It just reminds me how very quickly time passes!  He is no longer a little boy, but now a man.  Here he is with his girlfriend, Kaci - they have been dating since they were 14.  Amazing!

Here is the little Chas (on right) with his brother, Jackson - they were about 4 & 2 years old...and way too cute dressed in their matching outfits!

Jackson & Charles (1995)
Love. xoxo

It was a wee bit strange this year, as my middle son, Jackson, was in Florida on Spring Break.  This is the first year EVER that all three of my boys were not at a birthday!  Just the start of changing times.


  1. lovely photos! Ýes, time passes so fast, it scares me. I hope you had a beautiful day with your son!

  2. Thank you, Yvonne! I sure did! :-)


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