Friday, February 10, 2017

| leo full moon |

You are a masterful creator.
Step into your fullest capacity of Being.

Today's Astrology Forecast:

Full Moon in Leo on February 10 (7:33pm) 
is an invocation for the all-pervading light of Self 
to be present in full manifestation

This moon is a penumbral lunar eclipse. 
Eclipses come in pairs as portals, or major gateways. 
They act like a threshold rife with reset buttons, 
bringing irrevocable events of evolution. 

The decisions made and actions taken during eclipse season 
create a new landscape of being, 
after which there is no going back. 

We have reached a turning point, 
and we can only go forward from here. 
The bells are ringing. 
They are calling you home to yourself. 
They ask you to commit, 
and to bring all of yourself here, 

You have come here to be in command. 
Your Self and your purpose are the same. 
Everything is within you. 
Allow the ultimate light of divine 
to shine through you and illuminate what is hidden. 
You cultivate the unseen into consciousness. 

You are an intrinsic element of masterful design. 
The separation between individual and collective no longer exists. 
Despite any counter influence, you still shine. 

The light permeates enough so we can see: 
there is no division. 
We are together.

 Our collective radiance fulfills existence. 
The world is served. 
What is truly right 
and well for one
 is truly right and well for all. 
Be yourself, 
and everything will fall into place

Inside your presence resides a sovereign force. 
Saturate existence with omnipotent love 
and the complete light of consciousness. 

So it is.

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