Tuesday, November 3, 2015

day 3 ::: the wind

the breeze has secrets to tell you. ~ rumi

i was enchanted by the wind
blowing the milkweed seeds today.

then a grasshopper crossed my path.
{he wasn't too keen on getting his photo taken}
his message involved the breezes.
love synchronicity.


"the grasshopper conveys a dynamic connection between
the earth & the breezes.
being grounded & being totally free.
a balance of having your feet on the ground
and your thoughts in fanciful flight of dreams.
the grasshopper encourages you to dream...
and to put your dreams in action.

as one ponders the dream,
it desires to take form.
it is here your dreams merge with the spirit world
and things begin to unfold as if by magic.
this is when the universe begins
conspiring with your on your behalf"

the breezes have secrets to tell...
i am listening.

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