Wednesday, November 19, 2014

{ the hundreds...}

Just making this list has sparked my I read it over and realized all the every day things that bring me joy - and I don't think one of them is something that money can buy.  Ok, well maybe sharpies & tiramisu.

Here is my list - by the hundreds...

::: looking up at the moon in the dark night sky
::: a flock of birds flying above so freely
::: the sound of waves crashing onto the shore
::: feeling the warm sun on my skin
::: being barefoot & the feel of the earth between my toes
::: the smell of coffee brewing in the morning
::: the first sip as it warms you
::: the sun rising in all it's glory
::: granting us another day to begin again
::: a compliment from a stranger
::: giving one in return
::: laughing until my face hurts
::: the extra squeeze at the end of a hug
::: being seen as you truly are
::: being heard by someone's heart
::: believing in miracles & magic
::: seeking beauty as my prayer
::: deep breaths & long exhales
::: dancing, twirling & letting it all go
::: feeling secure, love & adored
::: a handwritten note
::: allowing the goddess within to arise
::: embracing my true self
::: knowing imperfections are beautiful
::: believing mistakes teach you lessons
::: grace pulling me through
::: the smell of peonies, lilacs & roses
::: the magnificence of a tree & the stories it could tell
::: the sound of leaves beneath your feet
::: a sky full of bright, glimmering stars
::: feeling the wind whispering
::: the intoxicating sound of the rain
::: colorful leaves cascading from the trees so gracefully
::: bare branches providing silhouettes against the winter sky
::: music that sings to your soul
::: his heartbeat next to mine, his lips, his touch
::: big city and bright lights
::: the middle of no where and seeing all the stars above
::: releasing old beliefs & forming my own that feel right & empowering
::: words...i adore words
::: being born with wings & finding them again
::: knowing in my heart my steps are guided
::: acknowledging my path my not look like yours...and that's okay
::: a deep, meaningful conversation
::: women empowering women
::: a quiet evening in front of the fire
::: soft light gleaming through the windows
::: being with myself in silence
::: birds singing in the mornings
::: crickets choirs in the evenings
::: fireflies dancing in the dark
::: the exquisiteness of a flower
::: windows open on a warm day with a soft breeze
::: soup on a cold day to warm your soul
::: cooking with love & intention
::: watching him do dishes
::: togetherness even when doing nothing
::: visioning & dreaming
::: witnessing dreams coming true
::: a glass of wine while relaxing after a long day
::: granting myself time to unwind
::: hearing "i love you mom"...always
::: the magic of twinkle lights
::: laying in bed listening to the rain
::: snuggling & cuddling
::: thunder & lightening
::: tiramisu & cappuccino
::: clouds of all shapes & sizes
::: choosing joy...again & again
::: holding hands
::: wearing his shirt with his smell still on it
::: photographing what i love
::: dried queen anne's lace & sedum
::: the life lessons painting has taught me
::: being an artist & expressing my creativity
::: hanging out with a friend one on one
::: chatting with God like a friend
::: knowing who will always be there for me
::: loving myself...all of me
::: opening to receiving the good things in life
::: tearing down walls i built over the years
::: floating in a lake
::: the smell of his cologne
::: friends that lift you up
::: giving & receiving a massage
::: a walk in nature
::: big snowflakes slowing floating from sky
:::  the sweet & joyful innocence of a child
::: watching hummingbirds in amazement
::: believing in miracles & magic
::: having a warm & inviting home
::: putting a smile on someone's face
::: making space...out with the old & in with the new
::: a good book that you can't put down
::: finding the perfect quote for my photos
::: thinking & speaking with my heart
::: a glorious sunset coloring the clouds
::: a man's strength & devotion
::: flowing with the rhythm of life
::: moving into my power with passion
::: sharpies!
::: sincere thank yous & giving gratitude
::: forgiveness & the freedom it bestows
::: finding the right dress...and the perfect shoes
::: feeling good in my body
::: giving of yourself without obligation
::: a long warm bath in the candlelight
::: love, love and more love

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