Monday, July 21, 2014

{...silly faces...} 39:108

My Mom is a hard one to ever get a regular smile in photos.  She is always making a silly face.  Then there's me who was always trying to get the perfect photo.  One day, my youngest son said to me while I was relentlessly trying to get them to pose, "Mom, we don't have to look like the perfect family".  This instantly struck me...bam!  No, no, we don't have to look like the perfect family.  We are not perfect. It made me realize how much I did try to do this exact thing.  How much I have tried to make up for them not having a "normal" family while growing up.

Since then, in photos and my life, I am embracing the imperfection.  

This.  This is who they are and I love them as is.




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  1. Aw... there's perfection in the imperfection, but you already know that.

    ps. Your boys are gonna be heartbreakers ;)


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