Sunday, February 9, 2014

{My Hands}

Day 1 {Secy & Sanguine} Hands

{My hands} are 49. I recently took off my long nails and got a manicure yesterday. 
I love my hands with long nails because they are kinda "paw-like" as someone once described them. 
Being an artist I paint with my fingers all the time so they are a mess a lot.  
When I'd go get my nails done I would feel the need to say "I'm an artist that's why they are a mess" least it got me to say those words out loud - I am an artist. 

These hands have raised three boys into young men, 
cooked more meals that I could count, 
planted flowers in my yard, 
gave hugs as much as possible, 
held hands with those I love, 
expressed my creativity 
and prayed for help numerous times. 

p.s. I love to wear big rings!

New course I'm starting today:

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