Friday, January 10, 2014

SOJ {Day 7} Dream #1

{Day 7} 5 Dreams - #1 Fun

I'm going digital on this one since I don't have any color ink right now. I started a b4fify list (even created a logo) on my 49th birthday so I'm using 3 of the 50 things on my list for my fun dream.

{1} adding to my tattoo - I never thought I'd get one but this year couldn't stop thinking about it so in June I got "you were born with wings" (line from a Rumi poem} on the inside of my left forearm (I'm a lefty) so I want to add a feather now 

{2} get a bunch of my girlfriends together and go to a winery 

{3} splurge and get myself a real camera...mine is so old and I take tons of pictures (another artsy love) mostly with my phone. 

How many fun things can we put on this list?  

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