Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{little me} & catfish

I don't know what year this picture was taken but I think the door behind me is at our house 
before I started elementary school, so I'm guessing I was around 4.  
The pictures above mine are my Mom & Dad's wedding.

The most humorous memory I have from when I was around that age was my Dad and his friends coming home from fishing with a whole lot of catfish or bullheads...something.  They were "cleaning" them to eat and I was crying because they were killing them.  My Dad put one in a big tub for me so I would stop crying.  Mind you, catfish can sting you!  So I decide to take the fish out of the bucket on my own and take it into the house with me.  My Mom is napping so I take the fish and curl up next to her.  She just about flipped when she turned over and I had that fish lying next to her.  
How was I to know I was only 4...and cute  :-)  

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