Friday, December 6, 2013

{his birthday} december


Back at his place after having a couple drinks to celebrate his birthday.  I'm making him chicken salad - one of his favorites that we have perfected at this point with grapes, dried cherries & pistachios.  It felt kind of strange buying him a toaster for his birthday, but it is what he wanted.  I did get him a Michigan State hoodie too (our local university team). When we cook breakfast, his job is making the toast...and he's great at doing dishes too.  Something about a man doing dishes and cleaning that I love - or maybe it's just him.      

This is his first place all by himself since his divorce years ago.  I know he's really enjoying his own space and making it beautiful.  As much as I'd like to be with him all the time, I know this is a great thing 
for him to be on his own.   

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