Tuesday, December 17, 2013

{a friend} & change


This is a painting I did for my friend, Karen, about 7 yrs ago, for her new house right after she got divorced.  Recently, she lost her house and has to be out by Jan 24. To make matters worse, she has to get rid of her two dogs that she so loves. So, to do what I can, I told her I wanted to make a new painting for her. 

My idea was to have her write words that bring her comfort and I would paint over them. When she is feeling scared, alone, worried, etc. she can look at the painting and remember the words she wrote...hoping this will give her some type of solace. I will be praying while I paint because I want this to have meaning for her. I am so hoping I can paint Mary as she grew up Catholic and Mary has great meaning to her. I want to let the painting be what it wants to be, but Mary is in my mind. She even mentioned her while she was writing the words. So, I'm excited (and a wee bit nervous).


UPDATE:  Click below for the final painting

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