Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 321 ~ 11 Selfies from 2011

A wee little homage to my self portraits from 2011, here are 11 selfies from last year...

(1) My very 1st self portrait! and then I was hooked!
(2) A blurry seflie, but I love the imperfection of it & added a quote that fit perfectly.
(3) Discovering a rainy day can be beautiful & a new love affair with puddles & reflections.
(4) Groovin' on some & here ~ then adding some quotes!  Viola...a new addition begins.
(5) My silhouette & quotes: Living Eulogy...and Delicious Ambiguity ~ adore both of these quotes.
(6) A tribute to my Grandmother ~ miss her.
(7) A Chick for a Day.
(8) Inspired by {She} quotes.
(9) Exploring my sadness then finding love & signs of love.
(10) My feetlittle feet, & friends.
(11) Giving myself permission to SHINE!

I couldn't manage to only choose 11 photos, but instead ~ 11 topics (kinda)!  Oh, and so many more that opened my eyes to the world around me & others that changed the way I viewed myself in this world.

Interested in becoming addicted to self portraiture?  See Viv's site HERE!

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