Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 238 ~ A Tuesday Morning

It seems I post quite a few photos of the amazing skies as the sunrises in the morning.  Today I was wondering how many of these beautiful mornings I have missed over the years by not paying attention.  How many times did I just drive to work and not look?  I don't recall so many beautiful skies as I see these days.

It may have taken going through some difficult times to get me to this point of gratitude and wonder in my life, but look at this beauty on the other side of the tough times...

Good Morning Tuesday

I attempted to show the expanse of the sky & the clouds by putting these photos side by side.  It. was. BEAUTIFUL.  The majority of these sunrise shots are on my drive to work.  Each morning i pray to get stopped by the red light that is on top of an overpass that gives me a clear view of the sky to snap a quick photo(s) while waiting.

Today...take time to notice & appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you daily!

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