Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 77 ~ Adventure in Old Town

pattern2Spiral StaircaseArt WindowRusty DrainWindow in a WindowBench
Bench "Love"Old Chair w FlowersWall & StairsTricycleSpring Has SprungTub of Flowers
Curly Sticks & Newpaper TableFlowers & BirdbathMetal FairyShop WindowHubcapsMom's Rule Hubcap
WindchimeSpiral StairsSunlight & ReflectionReflect in DoorDoor Relection & HandleDoor Handle
Old Town, a set on Flickr.
Here's my photo adventure to Old Town on Saturday. Old Town is an "artsy" part of the city where I live and has quaint shops and, of course, art galleries.  It has been over the last 10 years or so that this part of town began a revitalization & became a creative community.

I was really looking forward to taking a stroll down the river walk to see what beautiful & interesting things I could find, but it was flooded from all the rain we've been getting this Spring.  I guess it just gives me an excuse to make sure I return for another adventure.

Even so, I found lots & lots of other interesting & artsy things to admire.

There is SO much more to explore & these are only a sampling of the things I loved while walking around...another trip is a must!

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