Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 72 ~ Clouds After the Storm

Last night we had tornado warnings - whistles were sounding, the sky was darkening to the west...but, after the storm clouds cleared there were the most beautiful clouds and light.  I went outside and I hadn't seen so many neighbors come out at one time.  All looking up to check out God's display of grandeur...

as the sun was setting...
facing west down my street the sun setting & sky clearning
my magnolia tree highlighted by the clouds with this amazing light from within
the light was beautiful coming from "inside" these clouds - reminding you of the heavens

All of these photos, except for the top one, were taken from my yard.  I just couldn't get enough!  I will post more in a slide was just so awe inspiring!

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  1. I woke up to huge boom crash thunder storms today. I love weather sooooooo much. These photos are so beautiful, Sandy! Thank you for sharing. <3


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