Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dreamboard ~ March

This is my first time participating in Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboard.  By visiting Jamie's site, earlier this year I learned that each full moon has it own name - this month - the Full Worm Moon.

Here is Jamie's inspriation for the Full Worm Moon...
March moon is when the earth starts to soften and the burrowers of her soil find their way to the surface, I started to change my mind. What if we took our cue from spring and allowed ourselves to soften? What if we let what’s within us find its way to the surface? What tender dreams would be revealed? Under this Full Worm Moon, open your awareness. Pay attention to the the dreams that are wiggling their way to the surface. What wishes are asking for your attention? What is beginning to emerge? Let your dreamboard guide the way.
My dreamboard...

I was intrigued by a few things when making this dream board.  The first is the color - mostly pinks.  I'm really not a pink kinda girl and to be drawn to that color surprised me.  I also hesitated (and resisted) putting on the "let yourself meet someone", but it kept begging me to add it. :-)  Actually, the words "let yourself" appear three times on my dreamboard.  This must be telling me something!

I am very, very curious to see how these words I was drawn to play out over the next month!

To check out Jamie's Full Moon here: Full Moon Dreamboards


  1. Lovely. It is quite pink isn't it, gives it a gentle softness I think. Good luck with letting yourself this month! Jacs x

  2. I notice the invitation to create space...and then noticed that there was quite a bit of space available on the board. Welcome to dream boarding. Happy dreams!

  3. Yes, the pink struck me at first. Happy dreams. May all your dreams come true.

  4. Allowing and spaciousness in soft pink caresses - beautiful!
    May all your full moon dreams come true for you.

  5. may your dreams come true ..thanks for letting yourself share your dreams and thanks for witnessing my dreams!

  6. So glad you've joined the full moon visionboard wonder, and delighted to see your beautifully imperfect blog! Here's to allowing your dreams to unfold in magical ways....

  7. Beautiful visions! May you give yourself permission to honor them in their fullest!!!


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