Wednesday, November 19, 2014

{ the hundreds...}

Just making this list has sparked my I read it over and realized all the every day things that bring me joy - and I don't think one of them is something that money can buy.  Ok, well maybe sharpies & tiramisu.

Here is my list - by the hundreds...

::: looking up at the moon in the dark night sky
::: a flock of birds flying above so freely
::: the sound of waves crashing onto the shore
::: feeling the warm sun on my skin
::: being barefoot & the feel of the earth between my toes
::: the smell of coffee brewing in the morning
::: the first sip as it warms you
::: the sun rising in all it's glory
::: granting us another day to begin again
::: a compliment from a stranger
::: giving one in return
::: laughing until my face hurts
::: the extra squeeze at the end of a hug
::: being seen as you truly are
::: being heard by someone's heart
::: believing in miracles & magic
::: seeking beauty as my prayer
::: deep breaths & long exhales
::: dancing, twirling & letting it all go
::: feeling secure, love & adored
::: a handwritten note
::: allowing the goddess within to arise
::: embracing my true self
::: knowing imperfections are beautiful
::: believing mistakes teach you lessons
::: grace pulling me through
::: the smell of peonies, lilacs & roses
::: the magnificence of a tree & the stories it could tell
::: the sound of leaves beneath your feet
::: a sky full of bright, glimmering stars
::: feeling the wind whispering
::: the intoxicating sound of the rain
::: colorful leaves cascading from the trees so gracefully
::: bare branches providing silhouettes against the winter sky
::: music that sings to your soul
::: his heartbeat next to mine, his lips, his touch
::: big city and bright lights
::: the middle of no where and seeing all the stars above
::: releasing old beliefs & forming my own that feel right & empowering
::: words...i adore words
::: being born with wings & finding them again
::: knowing in my heart my steps are guided
::: acknowledging my path my not look like yours...and that's okay
::: a deep, meaningful conversation
::: women empowering women
::: a quiet evening in front of the fire
::: soft light gleaming through the windows
::: being with myself in silence
::: birds singing in the mornings
::: crickets choirs in the evenings
::: fireflies dancing in the dark
::: the exquisiteness of a flower
::: windows open on a warm day with a soft breeze
::: soup on a cold day to warm your soul
::: cooking with love & intention
::: watching him do dishes
::: togetherness even when doing nothing
::: visioning & dreaming
::: witnessing dreams coming true
::: a glass of wine while relaxing after a long day
::: granting myself time to unwind
::: hearing "i love you mom"...always
::: the magic of twinkle lights
::: laying in bed listening to the rain
::: snuggling & cuddling
::: thunder & lightening
::: tiramisu & cappuccino
::: clouds of all shapes & sizes
::: choosing joy...again & again
::: holding hands
::: wearing his shirt with his smell still on it
::: photographing what i love
::: dried queen anne's lace & sedum
::: the life lessons painting has taught me
::: being an artist & expressing my creativity
::: hanging out with a friend one on one
::: chatting with God like a friend
::: knowing who will always be there for me
::: loving myself...all of me
::: opening to receiving the good things in life
::: tearing down walls i built over the years
::: floating in a lake
::: the smell of his cologne
::: friends that lift you up
::: giving & receiving a massage
::: a walk in nature
::: big snowflakes slowing floating from sky
:::  the sweet & joyful innocence of a child
::: watching hummingbirds in amazement
::: believing in miracles & magic
::: having a warm & inviting home
::: putting a smile on someone's face
::: making space...out with the old & in with the new
::: a good book that you can't put down
::: finding the perfect quote for my photos
::: thinking & speaking with my heart
::: a glorious sunset coloring the clouds
::: a man's strength & devotion
::: flowing with the rhythm of life
::: moving into my power with passion
::: sharpies!
::: sincere thank yous & giving gratitude
::: forgiveness & the freedom it bestows
::: finding the right dress...and the perfect shoes
::: feeling good in my body
::: giving of yourself without obligation
::: a long warm bath in the candlelight
::: love, love and more love

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

{ are powerful...}

ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh
stepping out of righteousness
recognizing oneness
no separation of you and I of that of this
we are playing one game
everyone wins the same
I allow all things to exist today
I allow all things
to exist in their own way
I exist in my own way
and I am
powerful creatress
living in the matrix
source of all wisdom
endless bliss queendom
we will all manifest
we will all rise
raising our consciousness
opening our eyes
we can do anything as long as we try
who ever said that the mirror was the sky
I have a dream and I’m living it everyday
learning not to ever feel scared and knowing
oh and I’m reaching in myself and
oh the smile what I am feeling
know that you are God
and God is love
when you pray do you pray to above
when you pray do you pray below
when you pray you can pray to yourself
because you know that
you are so powerful
you are the one you’ve been waiting for
you are so powerful
you are the one you’ve been waiting for
just want to be aware of
nothing to be scared of
we have a relationship with spirit
gotta find the instinct
intuition don’t think
you are living this life alone oh no
we were born into a world so blessed
we’ve got to slow down and not move too fast
we have been given the gift of life
blessed are these days and sacred our these nights
oh and I’m reaching in my soul
oh just I know that I knew I know
we are a part of a circle of family
and how long will it take for us to see
and how long will it take for us to be
and what more could we possibly think we need to speak
we are so powerful
we are the ones we’ve been waiting for
we are so powerful
we are the ones we’ve been waiting for
I am so powerful and
I am the one I’ve been waiting for
I am so powerful and
I am the one I’ve been waiting for
I am so powerful
I am the one I’ve been waiting for
I am so powerful
I am the one I’ve been waiting for
I am so powerful
I am the one

Saturday, November 15, 2014

{...permission to say yes...}

Written by Wahkeena Sitka, 2011

I give myself

to listen to my desires
to love myself completely
to make myself happy & joyful
to be deeply fulfilled
and live in purposeful ecstasy.

My body is an Open & Receptive temple for
& Soulful Purpose 
to embody within.

to turn myself on
to bathe in love
& to embody the grace & wisdom 
of feminine divinity.

I am an activated Goddess overflowing
 with an abundance of
Life Force Energy 
& Soulful Healing Creativity.

I say YES to Fulfillment
I say YES to Heart Wisdom
I say YES to Authentic Desire
I say YES to Joy
I say YES to Creativity
I say YES to Sensuality
I say YES to My Soul’s Purpose
I say YES to Sexuality
I say YES to Abundance
I say YES to Freedom & Liberation
I say YES to LIFE.

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More on ecstasy...a post from Liz DiAlto at Wild Soul Movement:

What if we allowed ourselves to experience the deep nourishment of satisfaction?

Ecstasy Rising.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


:::a spent chive blossom:::

since i am behind on my gardening
the spent blossoms on the chives
are still providing some beauty.

{the original}

{painterly effects with black & white}